Smart Safety

Your safety has been in the forethought of everything we’ve ever done at Cirrus. As the “plane with the parachute,” we’re famous for it.

The key to what Cirrus Perspective adds, however, is multi-layered prevention incorporating both passive features that are nearly transparent during flight and active features that reduce pilot workload. Cirrus is unique in general aviation for offering technology such as digital “smart” servos in the autopilot, ESP, hypoxia check, automatic descent mode and autopilot with underspeed protection and stall prevention.

These are just a few of the many layers of safety that give you and your passengers peace of mind.


Active and passive safety features include:

Autopilot with Blue Level Button backed by Dual AHRS.

Tough, composite construction that has never experienced a structural failure.

A light but strong passenger compartment roll cage able to withstand a rollover; a beveled firewall for additional protection.

26G seats for maximum occupant protection.

Airbag seatbelts

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