Known Ice Protection

Early generation Cirrus SR22 aircraft were available with basic ice protection, meant only to buy pilots a bit of time and security while exiting an inadvertent icing encounter. It was never intended to allow pilots to deliberately penetrate visible moisture when icing is known or forecast. Too often, this lack of known icing capability hindered aircraft utility and dispatch rates.

The current Cirrus SR22 and SR22T models are available with Cirrus Factory Known Ice Protection – a TKS based weeping-wing anti-ice system that is equipped and certified for Flight into Known Icing conditions (FIKI).

The minute you activate the robust, FIKI-approved TKS system, you’ll know it’s different from the basic ice protection on non-FIKI aircraft. Cirrus Known Ice Protection is an actual FAA re-certification of the SR22 to permit pilots to legally fly into known icing conditions.

This certification required much more than adding an extra pump and fluid volume to the basic system. When activated, the Cirrus Known Ice Protection system thoroughly and evenly coats flight surfaces, including the vertical stabilizer and elevator tips, with anti-ice fluid. The FIKI-approved system incorporates new elements like a dynamic stall speed indication on the PFD, surface illumination lights with split prisms on either side of the aircraft that illuminate both the wings and horizontal stabilizer in low-light conditions, and backup pumps and filters for fault-tolerant and redundant operation.

With the two small nozzles positioned just below the windscreen, in addition to any fluid slung rearward by the propeller, the pilot is assured of an unobstructed forward view. Endurance for the system, now indicated on the Cirrus Perspective+ MFD, is increased to 150 minutes at Normal flow rates, 75 minutes when High is selected, and a new, Max rate has been added affording a total of 37.5 minutes of anti-ice capability, in two-minute bursts, during periods of higher accretion.

More importantly all systems are integrated and monitored by the Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® cockpit. For example: 1) The duration and range with the TKS fluid remaining is always clearly indicated 2) With XM weather, icing forecasts and freezing levels are available 3) Inadequate flow rates or systems malfunctions are discovered and presented as an annunciation on the Primary Flight Display (PFD). All of which give the pilot the information necessary to make informed decisions during the flight.

Cirrus again delivers increased aircraft safety and utility. With Known Ice Protection on the SR22 and SR22T, pilots can now launch or continue flight with the peace of mind that they’re both legal and safe when icing is forecast or present.

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