Enhanced Vision System

Cirrus EVS – a picture is worth a thousand symbols.

At Cirrus, our top priority is safety, so we’re always working to make available to our pilots the best tools to make better, safer, aeronautical decisions. When we saw the tangible benefits of EVS (Enhanced Vision System), we decided to certify and offer EVS as an option for SR22 models sporting the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin integrated flight deck. Based on infrared technology pioneered in the military and law enforcement, EVS sensors allow pilots to see up to three times further through some low-visibility conditions like mist, rain and the dark of night, giving pilots a real-time, unobstructed and hyper-realistic view of the terrain ahead. For pilots flying precision and non-precision approaches into challenging airports, or identifying clouds while flying VFR at night, EVS advances pilot situational awareness to levels never before realized in a single-engine piston aircraft.

Cirrus Perspective with EVS – precision, security, and safety – in black and white.

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