Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) is a highly innovative new technology that address both “prevention” and “recovery”. ESP passively and unobtrusively corrects unusual flight attitudes, assisting without distracting from flying quality or enjoyment of the flight experience.

Key components and features of the Perspective+ ESP system are:

  • Operates when the Garmin GFC 700 autopilot has been disengaged, when hand flying the aircraft
  • Activates automatically whenever the airplane exceeds one or more flight parameters
  • Uses autopilot servos and sensors, yet operates even when the autopilot is turned off
  • Recognizes and helps correct excessive pitch attitude, roll attitude, or airspeed
  • Augments pilot vigilance: Assists, but does not take control
  • Can be overridden by the pilot at any time
  • Increases corrective pressure as exceedances move beyond safe limits
  • Gently returns the aircraft  flight within normal operating envelope
  • Operates unobtrusively and simulates aircraft’s natural flight stability.
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