The Cirrus Approach

From the start of our company, each and every day, the profound passion for everyone at Cirrus is to create safer airplanes, safer pilots and safer skies. Not just for Cirrus pilots, but all pilots. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission.  Cirrus Approach is our revolutionary take on the flight training industry. Just as Cirrus Aircraft has revolutionized General Aviation aircraft over the past 15 years, Cirrus is once again going to change an industry. Pilots know that regular recurrent training has an enormous positive impact on the proficiency and safety of pilots, but we also know that it is difficult to make time for this training and the training itself is often repetitive and basic. Cirrus is changing the way pilots think about training and what it means to be a proficient pilot. Instead of currency being a specific major event or two over the course of a year, pilots enrolled in Cirrus Approach will be able to choose from a menu of courses and classes that will be fresh and engaging which will most importantly, keep pilots current and proficient.


Remember those dry aviation instructional materials that you used a few (or many!) years ago? We do too, and we have set out to drastically improve the content and the delivery system to make them interesting and easy to access. Cirrus has created an entirely new suite of flight training materials – with over 50 new interactive courses and modules – that are tablet friendly and tailored directly to your stage in your aviation journey.

Flight Training

When student pilots train in a Cirrus, they are training for the future of aviation. Not the past. By training in a Cirrus aircraft, new pilots become proficient in modern aircraft avionics, including automation management, making them more confident, mission capable and more likely to complete their training and transition to revenue service. The superior situational awareness provided in the simple, but sophisticated Cirrus cockpit makes training pilots more confident and more competent.

In addition, the performance of the Cirrus aircraft allows advanced concepts such as energy management to be taught at an early stage and be developed as a core skill throughout the student’s development. The aircraft design is especially well adapted to ab initio and scenario-based training due to the efficiency of the aircraft.

At Cirrus Aircraft, we are committed to the future of aviation – not only by growing and advancing general aviation aircraft, but by training future generations of pilots to be the best. And that’s why we think a Cirrus is the ideal choice as a flight training aircraft for your training center.

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