Why Cirrus

Safety – Innovation – Comfort – Performance

Freedom, flexibility, and convenience along with the innovation, safety and luxury, are the hallmarks of Cirrus ownership. It’s your life, your schedule, and you can get to where need to at your pace, not someone else’s. Our spacious interior has leg room to spare and easy access doors with oversized windows, providing outstanding visibility. Our number one priority is safety, evidenced by continually improving developments and training programs to the extent that the Cirrus safety record now closely approximates that of turbine aircraft.

Here’s ten good reasons why Cirrus continues to be the world’s most favourite single engine aircraft:

  1. CAPS™ (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) built in to the airframe
  2. Unparalleled safety innovations such as Hypoxia alert, Electronic Safety and Protection (ESP), overspeed and underspeed protection.
  3. Easy to use, clever avionics 
  4. Known ice protection
  5. Robust and fault tolerant electrical system
  6. Outstanding performance
  7. Easy access with an outstandingly comfortable and roomy cabin
  8. Innovative advancements such as 60/40 (up to five seat) flex seating
  9. Great visibility
  10. Top quality training programs

The question really is: why not a Cirrus?

Discover for yourself how Cirrus can help you redefine your life.

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