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Here’s a firsthand account of a 2020 Learn To Fly client, meet Wroxton Innes as he shares his Learn To Fly story:

‘We are NOT going to buy a plane…’

My wife Amanda and I own a wholesale distribution company in the equestrian industry, based in Caloundra, Queensland.

We supply around 1,000 stores Australia-wide plus many other stores around the world. We have two teenage boys and the younger of the two has a real passion for aviation.

Amanda and I were invited to an event at the Cirrus Aircraft hangar in late 2019 as members of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce. On the way to that event Amanda said to me, ‘Don’t get any ideas; we are NOT going to buy a plane.’ Then on the way home from that event, she actually said to me, ‘It would be great to own one of those Cirrus planes.’ How funny is that!!?

In January I went to another Chamber lunch event and found myself seated beside David Crawford from Cirrus Sunshine Coast. By the end of that event I knew we would buy a Cirrus, I always had a dream of flying and now that passion would be possible in the safest aircraft on the planet.

Soon after I purchased my Cirrus SR22. I told the team from Cirrus Sunshine Coast that I needed to learn how to fly. Ross introduced me to Damien from GoFly; Damien put together a program for me and away I went, learning in a Sling initially and then converting over to the Cirrus.

The reason I have gone down the path of learning to fly and investing in a Cirrus is so that I can fly to see all of our customers based all around regional Australia; which will be much more fun and also more convenient than travelling on domestic flights.

I would like to add that the support from Cirrus and GoFly has been amazing and extremely professional. They are all extremely friendly and make you feel part of their extended team. It is very intimidating learning to fly, as it is a totally new skill set.  Not a lot of people get the chance to fly an aircraft, it has changed my life and business has never been so much fun!

Like Wroxton, the journey into your piloting career begins by earning A Private Pilot’s License. Prepare to spend 4-6 months with a Cirrus Certified Instructor Pilot as you learn the basics for confident flying.

Begin your journey at one of our Cirrus certified training centres.

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