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An exquisite alliance of simplicity and performance, Cirrus Aircraft and the worldwide leader in general aviation avionics, Garmin®, once again redefine the industry standard. Introducing the Cirrus Aircraft G6, featuring Cirrus Perspective+TM by Garmin: the most intelligent, most connected and most capable flight deck available in its class. Relentless innovation and limitless passion combine to deliver a new generation of flight deck, featuring ten times the performance, seamless connectivity between aviator and aircraft, numerous additional safety enhancements and an elevated flight experience tailored to the most discerning pilot.


As the best-selling aircraft in its class for over a decade, the Cirrus SR22 is continuously equipped with the latest advancements in flight deck technology. Today the Cirrus G6 featuring Perspective+ resets the already high standard, connects avionics and pilot and makes the aircraft a seamless extension of the pilot’s decision-making process. The QWERTY keypad provides a familiar and intuitive interface, making data entry and access fast and simple. Wireless connectivity enables quick transfer of flight plan and weather information as well as convenient data updates via a mobile device. Lightning fast processors support enhanced safety features like SurfaceWatch and animated NEXRAD datalink weather as well as superior zooming and panning performance. And a convenient HOME button navigates immediately to the base map screen, with one touch.


Cirrus Perspective+ seamlessly unites all aircraft system health and status information with external data, instantly presenting a user-friendly synopsis for maximum situational awareness. Colorful, robust displays connect the pilot visually and aurally with the information needed to monitor every aspect of the aircraft in real time, quickly identify changing conditions and allow the pilot to make intelligent, informed decisions.Engine data, fluid levels and flow rates, real-time animated weather and traffic and air data information — all at the pilot’s fingertips. Cirrus Perspective+ intelligently integrates aircraft systems, aircraft surroundings, flight deck and pilot. The result: the most responsive, smartest, safest general aviation experience available.


Designed to fit effortlessly into our increasingly wireless world, your aircraft is now an extension of your connected network. Keyless entry and remote accent and convenience lights establish your aircraft-aviator connection before you even enter the cabin. As you begin your flight experience, your mobile devices automatically connect to the flight deck via Bluetooth® enabling convenient and time-saving database transfer capabilities. Throughout the flight, you remain connected. Global datalink weather provides updated enroute weather information, real-time traffic and terrain data are continuously displayed and tailored to the pilot’s preferences while satellite voice and text communication remain available via Cirrus Global Connect. Connectivity is integral to your everyday life — pairing you to devices in your car, in your home and at your work. Why should your aircraft be any different?


Safety is found in the details — by combining a myriad of initiatives to minimize risk, and to manage undesired states if they occur. Each initiative is a protective layer, made up of innovative systems that offer passive, redundant and active safety features. Each model in the Cirrus Aircraft SR product line has been designed with the occupants’ safety in mind, around a purposeful integration of many robust safety systems.


Pioneering the standard in safety and famously known as the “plane with the parachute,” Cirrus Aircraft equips every aircraft with its signature Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) — perhaps the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation. CAPS revolutionized general aviation safety by providing an additional measure of safety to occupants, similar in theory to the role of seatbelts in automobiles. No other certified general aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world provides this safety feature as standard equipment. Driven by the profound passion to create safer airplanes, safer pilots and safer skies. Not just for Cirrus pilots, but all pilots. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission.


Simply put, redundancy is not enough. Cirrus Perspective+ incorporates redundancy, fault tolerance and robustness to provide the safest, most reliable, all-digital flight deck experience available. Each Cirrus aircraft is equipped with two alternators, two batteries and multiple electrical buses to isolate essential equipment and insure that power can be supplied to critical components even if multiple power source failures are experienced. Dual Air Data Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS) are also standard equipment, ensuring the autopilot is available even after the unlikely event of an ADAHRS failure,providing the ultimate in flight deck reliability.


From the very early stages of Cirrus development, stall and spin prevention has been central to our aircraft design, avionics development and flight training philosophy. Every Cirrus SR Series aircraft incorporates the NASA-developed wing technology with a “cuffed” discontinuous leading edge designed to minimize the potential for spin entry after an inadvertent stall. The digital, three-axis autopilot enables the Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) system which passively and unobtrusively corrects unusual flight attitudes even when the autopilot is not engaged. Providing both aural and visual alerts, the ESP system displays a pre-stall CAS message warning while the yoke automatically pushes forward to correct low airspeed conditions. Automated ESP supports the pilot and works to prevent the aircraft from entering a stalled condition.


Every safe and successful takeoff and landing can be traced back to some previous learning interaction. At Cirrus Aircraft, we see each interaction as an opportunity to create the safest pilot possible through high quality and impactful training. In that spirit, Cirrus Approach is an innovative training product designed to standardize and streamline the training experience in every Cirrus aircraft. Cirrus Approach delivers engaging, video-driven online courses and interactive digital manuals that create a rich learning path and allow for convenient distance learning at a student’s own pace. That which is learned on the ground is then applied in the air through the world-class network of Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP.) Training is robust and convenient – tailored to your lifestyle. We believe that aviation training is never a singular event – it must be recurring and for life. That’s our approach.


Backlit flight displays are powered by optimized, efficient and powerful processors running next generation software. Crisp imagery and quick response rates enhance the flight deck experience, making the text more readable and critical data transfer to the pilot instantaneous. Now your flight deck thinks just as fast as you do. Cirrus Perspective+ incorporates speed and flexibility in the cockpit to view the status of various aircraft systems as well as checklists, animated weather radar, moving map, traffic and more – all at once. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) provides a three-dimensional virtual image of ground and water features as well as obstacles and traffic.


Designed to align the entire Cirrus family of aircraft and provide similarity between your aircraft and your personal electronic devices, the Cirrus Perspective+ keypad controller features a QWERTY keyboard with larger, more readable keys and additional, dedicated control knobs, including a button to bring you back to your default map. Welcome HOME. Each button and knob is thoughtfully positioned to simplify interaction between the aircraft and the pilot through the intuitive layout and reduction of clutter. Responsive and simple, functions are easy to locate with shallow menus keeping the most frequently used functions at the top-level menu — allowing quick input without getting lost in the software.


Supreme accuracy. Building on smart servo technology commonly found in multi-million-dollar business jets, the fully digital, dual channel Automated Flight Control System (AFCS) delivers precise lateral and vertical navigation guidance for each phase of flight. The optional automatic yaw damper is engaged and disengaged automatically at 200 feet AGL, reducing pilot workload and ensuring a smooth ride. Commanding the architecture of each flight component with an ergonomic and thoughtfully placed mode controller, the autopilot also incorporates the industry-leading Blue Level Button, a Cirrus Aircraft standard since 2008. This active safety feature gives the pilot 
a single touch autopilot-engage button to roll wings level and pitch to a level attitude if momentarily distracted or disoriented. Flight deck automation you can appreciate and count on.


Progressive alerts. Are you approaching the right runway? Do you know the distance remaining? Is that the correct taxiway? Dynamically enhance your situational awareness both in the air and on the ground as the aircraft enters and moves through the airport environment. Textual advisories are continuously updating the aircraft location and cyan chevrons highlight the correct runway. Most importantly, urgent alerts like “RWY TOO SHORT” or “CHECK RUNWAY” offer an additional cue to improper position.


Eye in the sky. A high performance active traffic system, designed forhigh-performance aircraft, scans distances of 22 NM and detects up to45 targets in 10,000-foot vertical separation. The added course trendvectors help identify and track specific aircraft flight trajectories withmuch greater precision while safety measures such as ATC-like auralalerts (“Traffic, Three o’clock, Same Altitude, Two Miles”) allow the pilotto keep heads-up scanning for traffic in congested areas.PFD


Informed, intelligent and instant decisions. Never before have youhad such comprehensive weather at your fingertips. Through ADS-BIn weather and satellite weather services, multiple weather productscan be displayed by the Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck: animatedradar, cell movement, lightning, satellite cloud tops, icing potential andfreezing levels, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETS/AIRMETS and winds aloft,just to name a few. The animated NEXRAD weather provides a precisecomposite weather picture, allowing the pilot to monitor weather trendsin order to make informed and safe decisions.


Tactical advantage. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) seamlessly blends aircraft position with 3D topographic images while the enhanced Terrain Awareness and Warning System (eTAWS) provides caution and warning alerts both visually and audibly. In addition to these capabilities, the “forward-looking” terrain avoidance software warns the pilot of numerous hazards including premature and excessive rates of descent, negative climb rate or altitude loss after takeoff. Highway in the Sky (HITS) offers the pilot the additional peace of mind that the aircraft is on the desired flight path — whether enroute, on approach or on the missed approach. The Vertical Situational Display (VSD) provides an intuitive presentation of the terrain, winds, flight plan waypoints and descent path along your route of flight.


Smart Loading. The Weight and Balance synoptic page makes every input easy and accurate. Every gallon of fuel and TKS fluid, seat occupied and bag stowed can be accounted for in the center of gravity calculation. Know with confidence that you can complete your flight safely and legally.


Years of thoughtful design have led us to this point. A point where the flight deck thinks as fast as you do. A point where information to make decisions is rapidly available at your fingertips. A point where seamless integration between technology and the aircraft is realized. A point where the best selling high-performance piston line of aircraft from Cirrus raises the bar yet again on what it means to have the smartest, safest avionics available. Unrivaled integration. Intuitive connectivity. Uncompromising safety. That’s Cirrus Perspective+. Exclusively available in the Cirrus Aircraft SR Series.

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