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CIRRUS AIRCRAFT – Australia/New Zealand Feedback

Customer Stories

In 2019 Cirrus Aircraft provided us with a solution for regional corporate travel that has saved time, money and most importantly, kept our key staff safer than ever.

  • We are on location at regional towns on the east coast within hours, overseeing projects and making the onsite decisions that need to be made, our corporate travel bill has been significantly reduced, packaged with fixed costs and pilot hire, owning Cirrus is a sound investment.

    Adrian Nisbet
  • CEO East Coast Traffic Control
  • I purchased the Cirrus after doing some basic research on different aircrafts. The introduction I was provided by Ross Harrison was the best. There was no major sales pitch, he let the aircraft talk for itself, which was pretty neat. I looked at the specifications and the price I was paying, and the competition looked weak. I credit Ross for helping me through the process, even when I struggled to get into a proper flight training school (needless to say that I pretty much bought the aircraft and used it to train myself to become a pilot).He connected me with the crew at Air Gold Coast and the rest was history. Today, with my PIFR, I can use the aircraft confidently for my business trips. The Cirrus performs very well, day in day out. No major dramas. The engineers at Air Gold Coast are available to help anytime. It truly has been an excellent experience to date. I cannot recommend enough, the support provided by Ross and the quality of Cirrus aircraft.

    Vas Srinivasan
  • Orthodontist
  • We purchased our Cirrus G6 SR22 after extensively researching the market. Our company deals with risk everyday and we weighed up every option that was available to us in the Australian GA market. The safety of the Cirrus is second to none with the CAPS system and roll cage. We travel extensively throughout Australia weekly with our staff to meet clients and our offices. Being able to fly at a moments notice and not spend wasted hours in airport lounges waiting for commercial flights, keeps our staff and company productive and meeting the high standards of our clients. The team at Cirrus have been excellent and make you feel part of the Cirrus family. In fact, we have purchased 2 Cirrus aircraft through the Cirrus team in Queensland and Victoria. The aircraft are fast and gets you where you need to go in comfort, executive style and safety. We highly recommend Cirrus Aircraft and the team behind Cirrus.

    Justin Derry
  • CEO CJ Global Tech
  • Owning my own Cirrus enables me to fly from Perth to my clinic in Geraldton on a weekly basis, as well as regularly visit patients in Bunbury and Albany. The Cirrus provides real freedom to travel on my own schedule – avoiding the notoriously unreliable commercial flights to regional areas. It gives me the flexibility to see as many patients as I need to in one day. I can fly back home early if I want to – or alternatively, I can stay as late as I need to, which means I don’t have to rush any of my appointments. I’m currently flying the G6 SR22 which is the second Cirrus that I have owned. Travelling in my own plane is much more time-efficient, flexible and safe. Each Cirrus aircraft has its own unique built-in parachute – a safety feature that provides great comfort to my passengers – some of which are my patients. I have flown unwell patients back to Perth when they needed to be admitted to hospital urgently. I once had a patient in hospital nearing the end of life, so I was able to fly him back to his home in Kalgoorlie to be with his family. This versatility which enables me to provide extra care to my patients when needed is invaluable. With the ability to fly myself to conferences around Australia, or to visit regional areas to do locums for my colleagues – the Cirrus provides the perfect travel solution for me and my medical practice.

    Dr Andrew Dean
  • Oncologist
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