SR22 Sunshine Coast Syndicate

Shared ownership or syndication is making owning a new Cirrus more achievable than ever. The members of a syndicate group have access to:

  • An average of 100 hours flying time per annum.
  • Online booking calendar to plan work, holiday or sightseeing trips.
  • An aircraft which is fully managed covering administration, maintenance and operating costs.

John Gannon recently purchased a 1/5th share in a G6 SR22T on the Sunshine Coast. We spoke to John about what he perceived to be the pluses of syndication:

  • Cost sharing split five ways.
  • The shared cost enabled the group to upgrade to a higher spec aircraft.
  • As one of three first time owners, the syndicate process holds your hand.
  • Provides opportunities to aviators who believe owning a new aircraft is not possible.
  • Group members are like minded and there is community and friendship.
  • As fellow owners are keen and enthusiastic flyers they share photos, tips and information amongst each other.
  • Most family members glaze over when flying or aircraft mentioned, so the group provides for excited conversation.
  • Eases the burden of aircraft ownership administration.
  • Accessibility to the aircraft has not been a problem.
  • The aircraft can be used as a taxi with other owners putting their hands up to pick up and drop off if required.

Syndicates are planned for the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Archerfield, Toowoomba and Perth.

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