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2020 Cirrus G6 SR22 Australis Premium VH-EFS

Customised performance and luxury

The All-New Special Edition Australis™ now with NEW Cirrus IQ. Thoughtfully designed and configured for the Australian market, the Australis is tailored specifically to the climate, conditions and remote area flight operations that pilots in Australia regularly experience.

  • Base Weight 2269 lbs (1026 kg)
  • Useful Load 1331 lbs (606 kg)
  • Cabin payload with 3 hr trip fuel and 45 min reserve 966 lbs (441 kg)
  • Manufacturer Continental
  • Model IO-550-N
  • Horsepower 310
  • Wingspan 38 ft 4 in (11.68 m)
  • Length 26 ft (7.92 m)
  • Height 8 ft 11 in (2.7 m)
  • Cabin Width 49 in (124 cm)
  • Cabin Height 50 in (127 cm
  • Takeoff 1082 ft (330 m)
  • Takeoff Over 50 ft Obstacle 1868 ft (569 m)
  • Climb Rate 1270 ft/min (6.45 m/sec)
  • Max operating Altitude 17,500 ft (5,334 m)
  • Stall Speed with Flaps 60 KCAS
  • Max Cruise Speed 183 KTAS
  • Landing Groundroll 1178 ft (359 m)

For more information contact:

Email: sales@cirrusaircraft.com.au
Phone: 1300 204 170

Aircraft Price: USD$804,900 + GST

Available July

Standard Features

Airframe & Powerplant

Continental IO-550-N 310 HP Engine
Black Engine Baffling
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™)
60/40 FlexSeating™ (Seats up to 5)
Airbag Seatbelts (Front seats)
3-Blade Propeller
Four USB Power Ports
High Performance Brakes
Tubeless Tires
Advanced Wheel Fairings
Surface Illumination Lighting
Interior/Exterior Ambient Convenience Lighting
Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting
Remote Keyless Entry
Single Movement Power Lever
UV Protected Windows
Dual Side Yoke


Now with NEW Cirrus IQ
Cirrus Perspective+ ™ by Garmin® Cockpit
Certified Baro-VNAV Approach Capability
Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
GMA 350c All-Digital Bluetooth® Audio Panel
QWERTY Keyboard Controller
Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
Engine & Fuel Monitoring
Digital 4-in-1 Standby Instrument
Garmin Flight Stream 510
ADS-B Out Transponder
406 MHz ELT
Garmin GFC700 Autopilot with Electronic Stability
& Protection
Hypoxia Check & Automated Descent Mode
Blue Level Button
Autopilot Stall Protection

Australis Premium Inclusions

Premium Interior & Exterior
Exclusive Two-Tone Australis Paint Design Premium
Bolstered Leather Interior Seating
Integrated Headset Straps (Front Seats)
Integrated Front & Rear Phone Pocket
Dual 12” LED Backlit Screens
Air Conditioning – a must for the Australian climate
Customized Floor Mats
Auto Yaw Damper
Active Traffic Information
3 Day VFR Transition Training
One Year Subscription to Garmin Pilot (iphone or Android)
Sunshades (Full Set)
One Year Subscription Garmin Australia Pilot Pack
including Nav Data, VFR/IFR Air Services Maps, DAP's
Safe Taxi & Obstacle Databases

For more information contact:

Email: sales@cirrusaircraft.com.au
Phone: 1300 204 170

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