Record Breaker

After a 10 week journey, covering nearly 24,000nm and 20 countries, Lachie Smart now holds the world record for the youngest person to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft, age 18. That aircraft was a Cirrus SR22. Kreisha Ballantyne catches up with him shortly after his return.

Lachie, firstly, huge congrats on your achievement.
When you decided to fly solo around the world, what made you decide on Cirrus Aircraft as your aircraft of choice?

The Cirrus was perfectly suited to long range flying. Not only was it capable of making the distances required, but it also had the equipment and avionics to make a journey of this proportion possible. I loved taking it around the world, it made the trip a lot more comfortable than it could have been!

Are there any features that are specific to Cirrus Aircraft that made the journey safer for you?

Many of the Cirrus features made the journey safer. Having the CAPS however, was a major benefit especially for the water crossings as it would have made an engine failure situation survivable.

What, in particular, did you enjoy about flying an SR22?

The avionics made the trip a lot simpler, especially during complex IFR procedures in foreign places. Having those systems was excellent.

After having had such an epic journey in an SR22, is there anything you would add to the aircraft?

An air hostess!

Now you’re back on the ground, what’s next for you?

I’m staying busy. Lots of public speaking to motivate other young people to chase their dreams! I’m also in the process of setting up a business to help those with dreams to connect with people who can make their dreams a reality. More to come here soon.

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