Aviation finance

In the past aviation finance has been difficult to obtain, often due to a lack of understanding. Many financiers withdrew from aviation during the GFC, never to return to the industry. Colin White, an aviation finance specialist working with the company Interlease, explains some options:

There are 3 general ways to finance aircraft assets;

  1. Cash, if you have it.
  2. Your bank, if they understand what a Cirrus Aircraft is and they agree to fund it they secure the aircraft against the equity in your property, business or possessions reducing equity available for other investments.
  3. A new and popular most option  is a stand-alone finance product that secures only against the aircraft, leaving the equity in your home business or personal possessions untouched. Most aircraft are financed this way.

Importing Your Cirrus

If you would like to import your Cirrus, certain financiers are able can provide financing of deposits. Once the aircraft has left the USA pay the balance protecting you as the financier will only pay the balance when we know your aircraft is on its way.

Fixing Exchange Rates

This is usually called hedging. A hedge and be arranged to protect you from the decline in value of the Australian Dollar against the USA Dollar, most aircraft are traded in USD, between the order date and deliver date which can be up to 3 months depending on specification.

New or Used?

Both new and used Cirrus Aircraft can be financed.

Colin White works closely with Cirrus to assist clients purchase aircraft. Colin is an experienced commercial pilot working in finance so understands both Aviation and Finance.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Colin direct on 0498 145 934.


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