New Cirrus Features for 2016

New for 2016 are a number of exciting changes which even further enhance the flying experience and feeling of luxury and convenience for pilots and their passengers when they are in the Cirrus.

Leather seats and tinted windows are now a standard feature in all aircraft. The front seats have been redesigned to be even more comfortable. For the premium leather upgrade options, the leather has been enhanced to give a soft, supple and almost “buttery” feel. Incorporated into the front seat, is a convenient pocket for your phone or notebook. There is also a place where you can put your headset at the side of the seat using a clever snap magnet design.

A new Bluetooth system enables you to connect your mobile phone or tablet to the avionics panel, giving you the ability wirelessly handle telephone calls or listen to music. Information about the aircraft’s speed, position and altitude will also be able to be displayed on your device. Flight plans can also be updated using your phone or tablet, so you can your flight planning at home and then upload it to the Garmin Perspective system at the press of a button.

There are now 3 paint scheme upgrades: Carbon with more playful and bolder colours inspired by the modern sports car; Platinum which are more refined and sophisticated and the new Rhodium addition offering the choice of three classic, timeless, all over colours.

Completely redesigned door latches allow for easy opening from either the front or back of the wing. Simply lift the latch to open the door. From the inside, it’s a gentle close of the door then a really easy to operate latching mechanism to positively secure it.

A new option for 2016 is a remote keyless entry and convenience lighting system, all powered by a key fob. Just like with a car, you press the unlock button on the key fob as you approach the airplane and it automatically unlocks the doors for you. A number of interior and exterior lights will also automatically turn on, giving you a really impressive ramp presence, especially at night time when the whole aeroplane literally lights up in front of you.

The new Cirrus 2016 model will inspire and connect you, your family, friends and passengers more than ever to the pure joy of flying an aeroplane in absolute comfort and safety.

Details of our National Tour dates will be announced soon, giving you and your family an opportunity to have a look and experience this exciting new aircraft in the flesh.

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