Cirrus Aircraft® Releases First Interactive Flight Operations Manual

Duluth, Minn. (21 January 2016) – Cirrus Aircraft today announced the debut of their latest innovation in flight training – the Interactive Flight Operations Manual (iFOM). The iFOM is a multi-touch iBook designed for use on the iPhone, iPad and Apple® computer platforms, providing pilots personalized mobile access to SR20, SR22 and SR22T flight procedures, standards and techniques. This brand new training resource is designed to complement Cirrus Aircraft’s popular Cirrus Approach™ online learning program by delivering engaging content with the primary goal of furthering our longstanding mission of creating safe, knowledgeable and proficient Cirrus pilots.

“Safety is in our DNA at Cirrus Aircraft, and as instructors, we are given the most important job of training and advising pilots to be as safe as possible,” said Travis Klumb, Director of Flight Operations and Training at Cirrus Aircraft. “Cirrus Approach and the introduction of the iFOM are changing the way pilots look at flight training and addressing the time restrictions people face today, all while taking advantage of today’s enhanced multi-media opportunities. Our training allows for effective learning and a fulfilled experience anywhere, anytime.”

The iFOM was developed as an electronic, interactive version of the Cirrus Flight Operations Manual (FOM) and operates like a standard iBook with an introduction including demonstration videos and easy, step by step tutorials. The entire iFOM features 21 videos, 34 interactive modules, in-text hyperlinks to pertinent charts and data, easy-to-navigate chapters and expanded descriptions for all standard and most emergency procedures.

“We recognized the opportunity to further improve an already excellent FOM with meaningful interactions and videos. Every part of the aviation experience is important, and we’re excited for how this new tool will deliver a premium training experience to all styles of learning.”

Created to be the ultimate airplane reference for procedural flying, it contains everything a pilot needs at his or her fingertips, navigated by simple pinch, touch and swipe gestures. Information such as diagramed flight profiles, maneuver outlines and checklist descriptions are easily accessible, and pilots are able to create personalized study cards or to test their knowledge about pre-flight flow patterns. To insure pilots have the most current procedures, the iFOM also updates automatically, similar to applications on the iTunes App Store.

The Cirrus Approach training system leverages modern eLearning technologies to prepare pilots for training before they enter either ground school or an aircraft and enhances recurrent training as well. A number of online courses are available on the Cirrus Approach Learning Portal. This portal guides pilots through their training and allows for effective learning along with the ability to proficiently reference information on a daily basis. Cirrus encourages every pilot to enroll in the Cirrus Approach program to get the most out of their training and aviation experience.

Team members at Cirrus work to continuously test and publish improvements to procedures and techniques, so pilots are always up-to-date on the safest flying methods. The Cirrus Approach learning system, along with the introduction of the new iFOM, continue to place Cirrus Aircraft at the forefront and leading edge of flight training.

The iFOM is available on iTunes and for purchase everywhere iBooks is available.

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