NEW Instrument Procedures Course Available From Cirrus Approach™

Our mission at Cirrus Aircraft is to elevate your aviation experience, and one way we do that is by providing you with tools, training and knowledge that enable you to get the most out of your aircraft. Flying in instrument conditions is one of the most rewarding aviation experiences you can have, but it can also be a bit daunting for an IFR-rated pilot or pilot in training. Gain or restore your confidence with our new instrument procedures course developed by the Cirrus Approach team. This course takes the guesswork out of IFR flying and aims to increase the safety of your operations with easy to understand lessons. If you are transitioning from VFR to IFR in a Cirrus, looking to refresh your skills, or eager to learn more about how professional pilots succeed in the IFR system, this course is for you. It includes five lessons and over 60 minutes of engaging procedural videos and interactive modules.

The lessons include:

  • Instrument Approach Overview
  • Missed Approach Procedures
  • GPS Approach Procedures
  • ILS Approach Procedures
  • VOR Approach Procedures

Whilst these lessons are based on US approaches, the procedures are still relevant to flying the Cirrus IFR in Australia and are well worth a look.

For more information about rates, course description and to enroll, follow this link.

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