Cirrus Vision SF50

Revolutionary. Meet every pilot’s new dream plane.

Imagine cruising through the azure sky in Cirrus comfort, luxury, safely and now turbine smoothness. The Cirrus Vision SF50 is not a Very Light Jet (VLJ), it is in a class by itself: a personal Jet, designed to fill a significant niche between the piston single and twin and the Very Light Jet (VLJ). Like the Cirrus philosophy itself, the Vision is designed to be simple to fly and easy to operate in formerly challenging environments, and to be a straightforward transition for pilots of high-performance aircraft.



Standard Features

  • Dual WAAS GPS
  • Active Traffic System
  • XM Radio (audio and datalink weather)
  • Dual AHRS and Dual ADC
  • Mode S transponder
  • ADL and SD card data recording
  • Audio and Phone inputs
  • 3-axis digital A/P (pitch, roll, yaw YD with trim) with LVL
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™)
  • Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning (with ground power operation)
  • Reclining Crew and Passenger Seats
  • Convenience Power
  • Pilot "quick-don" Emergency Oxygen